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SEYN goes through to final incubation phase

When we submitted an application for the Impact Hub online business school “Relança-te” in March this year, we were far from imagining we would be one of the best 3 pitches in the acceleration programme and would get through to the final incubation phase that will end in December.

From the 70 plus projects that were on the bootcamp in April, we were fortunate to move on with the last 20 for a very intensive acceleration programme. In the last 7 months we went through SEYN’s short history - rich with contributions from the many friends that co-created – we took stock of our achievements and shortcomings, questioned a lot, forged a new identity and designed a social business model with which we aim to make a bigger contribution in supporting young people that want to make a change.

It was intense - and challenging at times - for sometimes it’s harder to make big moves when you carry a lot of history, but the timing was just right and “Relança-te” came exactly when SEYN was ready to relaunch.

We would like to express our gratitude to our mentors, to Impact Hub Lisbon and the precious support of Fundação Ageas. A big thanks to all the other colleagues in the programme, who were always supportive and provided constructive feedback. We keep our fingers crossed for you to have all the success, for the world will be a slightly better place if you do!

Check out our final demo day pitches here and here and get to know some of these projects.

As for SEYN we carry on crafting new ideas, seeking new partners and hope to have some more good news towards end the of the year...!

Stay tuned!

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