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SEYN awarded in contest about Sustainability and Circular Economy

SEYN has been selected for the 2nd edition of Academia Electrão, a contest implemented by Electrão, the entity responsible for managing electronic and electric waste in Portugal. SEYN was awarded a prize of €2000 for the project ReCarrega Marvila, which consists of a Do-it-Yourself (DiY) Kit for young people to build power banks using reclaimed lithium batteries from old laptops, as reported in the newspaper Jornal de Noticias.

This recognition is an important step to consolidate the previous experience gathered with the Energy Mastercourses and the Youth Energy Academy and an encouragement to adapt the work done in Europe and Asia to an urban Portuguese context.

The DiY Kit consists of electronic components (some are upcycled and collected by the locals) and step by step instructions (including a video tutorial) on how to build a power bank device, promoting a collaborative, resourceful and hands-on approach to problem solving. The power bank Kit was designed within modular approach, which could be charged with a solar charging station (another DiY system that has been built by young participants in SEYN’s previous workshops)

SEYN is now seeking support and partnerships to implement the project ReCarrega Marvila in collaboration with the Associação Rés-do-Chão - which has done important work in urban regeneration and public space rehabilitation in this Lisbon neighbourhood.

With this project, SEYN and Rés-do-Chão want to get young locals (and the community in general) thinking about the issue of waste, specifically electronic waste, showing the potential of converting e-waste in resources and having a positive impact locally, by promoting the base to find creative solutions and opportunities for future activities on Sustainability and Social Impact.

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