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Energy Mastercourse


There is a huge distance to be covered between being just a consumer and becoming an active prosumer. People need to get a first hand glimpse of the endless possibilities to consume and produce energy, in an environmentally respectful manner, as well, as being exposed to the community energy approach as a supplementary tool for local and personal development.
In the modern age of social media and interconnectivity beyond borders, information, technology and tested approaches are readily available. However very few people take the initiative to learn, build and operate these alternatives, due to lack of money, skills, knowledge or time. With the Energy Mastercourses we intend to fill this gap.

In these workshops, often people with no prior experience in using power tools or any energy related backgrounds, quickly start speaking the same language, while feeling the sense empowerment and satisfaction of actually building their energy systems. The knowledge and the practical skills, coupled with the innovative spirit and mindset, are the basic pillars of this approach, provided by a team of exciting, inspiring and experienced SEYN trainers.


Participants come from all walks of life, ages, backgrounds and locations. Our "no restrictions" approach has been working seamlessly and providing, each time, both a challenge for our experienced trainers and also a great opportunity for sharing new ideas, develop group dynamics, true empowering opportunity and enhance inclusivity.


The Energy Mastercourse is a unique, non-formal, hands on experience, combining theory and practice on renewable energy,  community building and collaborative work.
Participants gain a basic knowledge about energy and are actively involved in building/installing actual off-grid power systems such as pedal power devices, solar sound systems, solar cooking devices, solar air heaters, solar water heater, mobile power banks using reclaimed batteries, vertical wind turbines, biodigesters, solar dehydrators, led lighting and several more.


Participants are exposed to a series of theoretical modules, usually in the morning and DoItYourself practical sessions, ranging from energy systems designs, to installations and actual building. Through intensive mentoring and coordination we build several devices with participants with zero to extended knowledge, with various ages and from different countries, promoting group and community development.
The Energy Mastercourse lasts up to 10 days or can be modified based on the given needs of the hosted facility and location.


Mastercourses can happen anywhere proposed by members and partners, but we favour host organizations that share our principles and beautiful setting, where free time can be as inspiring as the work that we do. So far we have been fortunate to develop a number of Mastercourses in the Free and Real premises, a truly sustainable and holistic eco-community.

The outcomes

The aim is to provide non-formal, theoretical and practical education, but also to adjust devices built to the needs of our host community or project. In the case of Free and Real that has meant addressing the present and future needs for the very successful Eco Knights Festival.
In each 10-days Mastercourse we have built around ten separate devices.


"10 days of workshops with people who know what they are talking about. 
Challenge yourself, choose another kind of school. Guess where I got the inspiration for the solar system I promoted in Zambia? :)" 


"You opened my eyes in all energy related issues. Thank you. Really" 


" INSPIRING trainers, hosts (Free&Real) and participants. Really EMPOWERING. A life changing experience. What else to say... JOIN the next Energy Mastercourse!


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