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Energy Academies


The energy transition needs to happen faster and be more inclusive. The scale of change required and the potential benefits of more citizen participation call for different forms of engagement at individual and group level. The Academy explores these different forms, highlighting the new role of the “prosumer”, energy community groups, renewable energy cooperatives and others, but does so from practical point of view. For their stake in the future, energy and creativity, there is great potential in engaging young people in these issues, regardless of their background or professional path. Particular effort is placed on getting female applicants to address the lack of women involvement in energy issues.


To inspire real change, we believe we need to change how and where we interact. SEYN minimizes the use of conventional presentations, maximizing practical sessions, such as role-plays, group exercises, world-cafe type workshops and informal interaction with trainers and mentors, in a casual and relaxed environment. The new YEA 1.0 concept combines all this with energy workshops using DIY collaborative approaches in building simple energy systems.


During the 7-day programme, participants learn how community groups and RESCOOPs are created, financed and operated, how to engage the community, as well as financing alternatives, project management and much more. While doing so they will also be challenged and guided on develop their ideas to implementation. Check out this video for more.


Academies can happen anywhere proposed by members and partners. We favour beautiful locations, where free time can be as inspiring as the work that we do. We challenge the standard classroom setting and often deliver sessions outdoors or in the evenings. And it doesn’t feel like work at all.

But what's more important is that we connect the work we do with the community that hosts us and always try to leave a positive tangible impact behind.  ​

What then?

Because we are all about action, participants develop their ideas during the Academy and are challenged to implement them afterwards. Our previous Academies have triggered some amazing projects that are now being developed, such as “Give a Shit”, "RESUN" and Electra Energy Cooperative  in Europe or "Let's Power" and "REBOOT Philippines "in Asia.

The YEA Programme

Theory and practice about distributed and  renewable energy (DRE) technologies and approaches, social entrepreneurship, financing, case studies and site visits.

Morning Sessions

Practical workshops on building solar energy systems to be shared with nearby communities, using Do-it-yourself / Do-it-Together approaches.

Afternoon Workshops

Interaction with fellow participants & energy professionals in a social informal setting, energy games, film screenings, debates and more.

Social Evenings


“Participating in SEYN's first Academy was a life-changing experience. The Project that I am founder gained structure and wings there with support of an incredibly experienced team of specialists in energy sector and sustainability, experienced doers and "hands-on" projects, which inspired my way of being and working afterwards.” 

Laura, Slovenia - Energy Academy Croatia (2015)

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