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If you are able and willing to contribute financially to our work, you can do so by:


Bank transfer

Account holder: Associação Sustainable Energy Youth Network (SEYN)


IBAN: BE46 9671 7591 6536

Address: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52 Brussels 1050 Belgium


Buy us a coffee

If you are a fan of our work and want to support us in producing educational content like the DiY tutorials under our Resources section you can do so through Buy me a Coffee. 

What does SEYN do with your contributions?

Since we are a non-profit, the membership fees are a small - yet important – component of SEYN’s funding structure as it allows us to cover some operational and fixed costs (i.e., admin, accountancy, subscriptions, and website fees). It's also a way to help us continue to produce useful educational content for those wanting to get active and build their energy systems.

In the future, we hope membership fees will also be able to cover our mentoring work and thus provide more support to former participants in developing their renewable energy projects.

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